Lydia at OSU

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday was probably the most exciting, scary, and unique day of my life. I, a newly minted 18-year-old, loaded up most of my worldly possessions in my very own car and drove three hours to a city I’ve only been to twice in my life to move into a house I have never seen and have rented with my own money, leased by a man I have never met, and occupied by two 23 year-old girls and a grey and white cat named Nora.
Fun, fun, fun!
I have moved in to my room, which has two windows, one facing north and one facing east (just like in my room at home). The two other girls living here are Wendy, who is moving out at the end of June, and Jerah, the house owner’s daughter, who will be here all summer with me.
She is having eye surgery in August, so that’s who she is staying. Both girls have graduated from Ohio State.
The house used to be Jerah’s family’s house, so she has lived here all her life. She knows the city very well and has promised she will show me around some. She is a good cook and made some very good pasta and salad for dinner last night. I contributed some of mom’s homemade bread.
The cat, Nora, is every bit as disdainful as Midnight (our cat), though quite a bit more vocal. She is also crazy about trying to get outside, where she is not allowed, so she follows you around the house, lurking behind your feet when you open doors.
Yesterday, after getting to Columbus, I rode around campus on my bike, taking care of fees and getting an ID and bank stuff. Then I met Mr. Pettibone (my landlord) at 5 pm to move in to the house. I spent the evening unpacking and then around 8 I went with Jerah to hang out with some of her friends.
This morning I, believe it or not, did not sleep in, but got up at 8 and went for a bike ride around the neighborhood to get to know my way around a bit better. I also rode up and down N. Hight St., the “main street” for the College campus area. Its where all the shops and restaurants are, and it runs north south. Basically it is just Hwy 23 that runs all the way through columbus, from top to bottom. I found it rather amusing that around 75% of all the shops I saw were either restaurants, bars, or cafes.
My address, in case anyone wants to send me something is 132 E. Northwood Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201.

In Christ

Lydia Thomas

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