The Swiss invade Liechtenstein

No– seriously! Questions:

  1. Is this about one cheese attacking another?
  2. I know where Switzerland is (somewhere in Europe- the Alps have something to do with it), but Liechtenstein is- a beer? a disease? a punk band from Texas??
  3. What happened next?

The best part about this story is that everybody in Liechtenstein didn’t even know they had been invaded!  In today’s news landscape, with all the bickering over wars we all have an opinion on, this one has a refreshing “whatever” twist to it.

One Reply to “The Swiss invade Liechtenstein”

  1. And furthermore…

    – the Swiss were carrying rifles but no ammo
    – Liechtenstein has no army
    – it was an accidental invasion, which means (since men were involved 🙂 they were lost


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