Rock Crusher

In the 1890’s, my great-grandfather and his brother leased a belt driven rock crusher from Henry County; they wanted to rock several dirt roads passing through Chenoweth Farm (where our family lives today).  While they had it, Henry Co. decided it was old technology and that they would not need it back.  After several years more of use, it was parked under some trees on our back avenue.  For my entire life, I remember it being there– rusting away, with a tree growing through it.  As far as we all were concerned, it was complete junk.  About 18 months ago, an antique magician named Robert Yount (also a local farmer my family has known for decades) asked my uncle if he could buy it.  It took him 3 days to dig & cut it out; he destroyed 2 chainsaw blades in the process.  He took it home, started working and, after close to a century of rusting away, he had the crusher box working in 15 minutes!!  He proceeded to completely rebuild it, and it will be crushing rock, just like it did on our farm over 100 years ago, at the show this Friday & Saturday.

[to be completed in the 1st week in Sept. 2009– please check back then]

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