Exodus- a fascinating book

Our pastor, Rev. Bill Smith, has a well deserved reputation for pulling some amazing truths out of OT books of the Bible that “you thought you knew”.  He is at it again, with a series beginning last September on the book of Exodus.  Our CPC webserver, however, has been tussling with the staff over which lessons to upload, and which not to.  While Brian and his crew (Gerrit!) get this straightened out, you may download the first 10 lessons below; the rest are at the CPC site, starting with Exodus 2:15-22 (a few are at both sites, just to make sure I got them all).  They are in MP3 format, and should work on any player you have.  This page is temporary, since the CPC server will eventually have everything.

Exodus- Introduction

Exodus- Introduction- Patterns

Exodus- Introduction- Patterns (continued)

Exodus- Introduction- Transitions

Exodus- Introduction- Transitions (continued)

Exodus- Chapter 1a

Exodus- Chapter 1b

Exodus- Chapter 1c

Exodus- Chapter 2a

Exodus- Chapter 2b

[For those of you of haven’t done this before: just click on the link you want.  Your computer will download the file and start playing it in Windows Media Player (or whatever your default player is).  You can also stop and save it to your iPod, etc., if you wish.  Please remember that these audio files are copyrighted by Rev. Smith, and come with terms of use, which you can find on the CPC website.]

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