That must be:

  • a sexually confused amphibian?
  • the latest version of a popular face cream, with a new name that marketing thought was really swell?
  • an alien race which didn’t make it into the Star Trek script… ?

Apparently, since the 1920’s, ambiverts have been all around us, and we didn’t even know it!  Honestly, have you ever heard that word??  In reality, ambiverts are us.  That is, most of us are Continue reading “Ambivert…”

Windows Vista? This guy loves it…

Direct quote from here:

Darryl4207 2008-06-30 09:34:49   flag as inappropriate

I am a computer repair business owner and LOVE VISTA!!! I get calls all the time from customers to resolve the litany of compatibility issues and glitches with it … so I make big $$$$ from these calls. THANKS MICROSOFT!!!!!!


There are definitely people out there who love Vista– they tend to have brand new hardware.

California, Sep 6-13

Not the most interesting title, but then I’m trying to talk myself into actually writing this post. I’ll post some pictures, and make a few comments, because a picture is worth a thousand words, anyway, right? I guess the reason for this trip was family togetherness, though not the way you might think. Ted was taking a business trip and didn’t want to be there alone. He persuaded Beth to go along, and Serena wasn’t about to stay home while Mom and Dad were gallivanting around in California! As it turns out, she wouldn’t have been alone, for Lydia was there during her month off between SPEAC school and the start of freshman year at OSU. Lydia most conveniently house-sat and tended all the various life forms in our absence.
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Progress with eThomasGroup

A number of you have asked about progress growing our software consulting company. I have started an update page on our progress recently, in anticipation of launching a blog related to our business website after our rebranding efforts are complete. To get the latest news and prayer requests, check here.