Dancing in the darkness

So, I’m reading the Economist, a high-brow magazine based in London and available online.  Middle East wars, macro-economic Snowballtheory, election politics and … Snowball. Yep.  The world’s most famous dancing bird (or so they say) who lives in an animal shelter in … Schererville, Indiana??  Anyway, the article is about high-powered research into whether & why animals dance, to music or otherwise.  You can read the article, which is interesting, but that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about the even bigger “elephant in the room” (read the article for the 1st one).  That is, the plausible explanation for why humans dance that actually fits very well with the data, and which also would explain why (apparently) animals don’t, unless they mimic humans.

Could it be that we dance because we are created in the image of the God Who does?   Though there is no actual Scripture which describe our Lord dancing, we do see him at a wedding in Cana (where He provided the best wine), and there was surely dancing there.  In other verses as well, the most joyous occasions result in the people of God singing and dancing before Him while He … sits like a stone??  At the end of the age the great marriage supper of Jesus the Lord with his bride the church is presented in Revelation as the grandest possible feast & celebration where there will be joyous singing and … God tapping His foot???

Of course, all this is completely ignored in this “secular” journal, where evolutionary faith is rigidly demanded and religiously affirmed.  Yet, in this Snowball puzzle, as in all like it, the darkness chosen by the willfully blind strikes me as both sad and pathetic.  Snowball is an amazing mimic.  But not us, the most prolific dancers, because by definition there is no God.

There is no one to mimic.  We are all there is…


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