Visitation for Winford Thomas

I’m posting some pictures from the visitation for family that is far away.  Wish you could have been present.  The gathering was small, since only those few we were able to call knew about the separate visitation for our side of the family.  But they included Ben Allen and Emily’s closest local friends, so I think it meant a lot to them.

Waiting for BA and Emily to arrive:  Mike and Jim Ellis, Ann Smiser and George Busey…


Pat and Paul Hornback on the left…


Winford.  He looked really different because he had lost a lot of weight, and was all cleaned up!

[Picture removed due to demand from Bebe Thomas through her lawyer].

Bob Hornback and Rick Martin (from our church) with BA and Emily.


John Graham, Dudley Scearce, Mike Ellis.


Jim Ellis and Irvin Overall.


Rick and Dawn Martin (our parish elder and wife) looking at some pictures I brought of Winford interacting with our family.


Lydia with the Hornbacks:  Paul, Bob, and Pat


Betty says:  “The three musketeers” (female version), Ann Smiser, Betty Weakley, Mary Overall


The three musketeers, male version:  Reggie Van Stockum, Ted, and Mike Ellis, talking community watchdog stuff.


BA and Emily with General Van Stockum, and Lucy on Skype viewing the top of the General’s head!


I missed getting a picture of Ann Graham and Hannah; and Sally Barnett ??? (married name) came in at the last minute.

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  1. We just got a note from my cousin’s attorney, demanding that we take some of these down. The claim was made that we violated their “privacy”, and showed a lack of respect. Indeed, if the casket had been closed, this would have been true. It wasn’t; there was no sign asking for “no pictures”; we were attempting to help those who could not attend.

    Ted Thomas

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