Help this puppy!

Huckleberry with WillPlease?

Our daughter Sarah sent this heartfelt note the other day.  If you know of someone who could help her, please log in and make a comment, or write to her at Sarah (at)  [Replace the ” (a) “with “@” to get the correct e-mail.]

I am moving from Lookout Mountain on 6/12 to an apartment complex, and CANNOT take my dog with me.

Huckleberry is half Chocolate Lab, and half Sneaky Neighbor Dog. He is 16 months old (1 year, 4 months). He is not fixed or had any shots. He has never met a person or other dog that he didn’t like – he is VERY friendly and has lots of energy. He may not be a good fit for a family with small children. He is semi trained (come, sit, lie down, No, etc…).

He comes with a full bag of dogfood, a brush, some shampoo, a repaired leash, a choke collar, 10 feet of chain, and even a doghouse if you are willing to transport it.

I just posted an add on craigslist in the pet section, but I have already been looking for someone for two weeks now and have not been able to find anyone willing to take him.  I REALLY don’t want to have to take him to an animal shelter, he’s a great dog and I really wish I didn’t have to get rid of him.  Can anyone help me?

More pictures below the fold…

Huck  Huck with ballHuck in grass

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  1. Good news! Huck does have a happy home now– a retired man named Melvin (I think) found him through a shelter Sarah listed him at, and he now has a big yard and lots of attention. He lives about 30 miles from the Hartmans; Sarah may go see him sometime.

    Thanks for praying!

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