Ahh… now that’s a word!

In a technical sense, it means to bring or spread disease.  When I saw it used on a recent blog post, however, that wasn’t what came to mind.  Rather, I was thinking about a combination of “pernicious, evil” and “annoying or troublesome”, all alternative uses.  Here’s a partial list of my choices:

  1. Media lies- great distortions of some important truth, endlessly repeated to push a destructive agenda.  “It’s not a baby, it’s a fetus” comes to mind.
  2. Pornography is all it’s forms- the beauty and joy of marriage turned into poison.
  3. Consumer debt for depreciating things- buy what you can’t afford today while hoping you will win the lottery next week.
  4. My sins- the bad habits I can’t seem to break, and especially the unnoticed failings which offend God or hurt others.
  5. Mosquitoes- precisely!

What do you think?  For some inspiration, click on the link above and then click on the “Hear” button.  Just the sound of it should help you build your own list…

2 Replies to “Pestiferous”

  1. That word actually reminds me of Midnight, not because of what it means but because of how it sounds. Though, if you find her constant campaigning to get inside annoying (as I do) than I might describe her as pestiferous, in a very cute, furry way.

    Pestiferous also sounds like a kind of tree, like a coniverous, I mean coniferous tree *grin*

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