World Magazine vs. New York Times

It appears that I am the official recipient of a “fuss” (see below :-), and in response to both my news-aware daughter and anyone else who might be getting a daily dose of “liberal”, I offer World Magazine. It is an excellent source of news and commentary, both timely and with an eternal perspective, from a consistent, Christian worldview. It’s a natural fit for some of you; for others, who have no particular religious faith, I especially recommend it because it is a source you can trust to do one thing well– present an alternative perspective to the NYT and all other “mainstream” media. Why would you want this? If God is no more important in your life than the score of last week’s football game, why should you care? Oddly enough, there is a very good reason– civic responsibility. To be specific, the quality of life your grandchildren will experience will be directly affected by the cultural foundation we all lay today. If all you read is the NYT, your part of that foundation might well be rabidly, lopsidedly secular. In reality, the founders of this country, along with the majority of great men and women since, were not atheists and were either believers or at least church goers who had bought the Reformation worldview.  Whether  you agree with it or not, understanding the moral framework which produced the greatest democracy in human history is a goal worth spending some time to reach.

Here’s an example.  Good from Bad… Homosexuality: The cultural mainstreaming of homosexuality is liberating those seeking to escape it is an article which addresses a failure of the church, an unexpected consequence for the radical left and good results which come from misguided (at best) intentions.  You will never see this in the NYT, because they abhor it’s implications.  You must have a subscription to read the whole thing, but “just a taste” for $5 online isn’t a big investment.  It might make you mad, or it might really help you, but it will never parrot the NYT’s line of thought.  Try it, then come back here to let me know what you think…

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