Which war?

In this article in the Wall Street Journal, the reader is given a clear view (warning- disturbing images) of life for the opposition in today’s Iran. As I read it I wonder which war the defeatocrats (yes- I know they support the troops) want to fight. If we rush home and leave the Iraqi people to the tender mercies of the mullahs (see the article linked above for statistics illustrating their tenderness), then march around the block a few times in Afghanistan, I wonder what the families of the many thousands being slaughtered in both Iran and Iraq will be thinking? Do you think our abrupt (=cowardly) withdrawal might be a little discouraging to them? Might it possibly be encouraging to the homicidal Islamic thugs who want to hold public hangings on our street corners??

The US doesn’t have a choice. If we propose to remain a free nation, we will fight a war. Our enemies make no bones about it– they are willing to imprison their own young people for standing too close to an unrelated person in public (see article). And conversion from the tattered lies of Muhammad to redemption in Christ?– only swift and brutal death is appropriate for such a person. Therefore, our only choice is which war to fight– the one of our choosing, or the one called Truck Bombs Across America.

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