Leaving for college

Well, I’m leaving for college on Friday, at around 6 in the morning. I’m very busy wrapping up my affairs here and packing what seems like my whole room to go to college. I have rented an apartment within walking distance from Ohio State and will move in at 5 pm on Friday. Friday morning I will be busy getting things like: my Ohio State ID, my parking pass, and my REC membership, plus I’ll be making sure I’ve paid for everything I should have and a few other confusing, miscellaneous things. On my way up I’ll stop by and visit a friend, Ali Horton, who some of you may know. She is going to college at Otterbein, very close to Ohio State, and I am very excited that I’ll be so near to her for four whole years.
So much to do, so little brain power, and I’m dead tired. I shall continue the tale when the tale has continued past the point that It must for me to continue it. ;)>

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